Friday, 15 June 2012

Questions: Prometheus

Caution: Profanity

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  1. "A fish coming out of the guy's eye"

    Well, under those circumstances any reasonably smart Babel Fish is going to vacate the premises.

    The basic "point" of Prometheus (warning; spoiler)is supposedly this;

    The Engineers (copied from Niven's Pak Protectors, from all indications) seeded life on numerous worlds, including ours, about at the end of the Oligocene.

    Untold eons (OK, about 100 million years) later, us grotty humans vane down on one of the other planets they seeded, encounter their "goo" (which is enough like the "black oil" in The X-Files that Chris Carter ought to have a long talk with Ridley Scott- with his lawyers handy), and the result is, not more pacific and self-sacrificing Engineers, but rapacious and aggressive Xenomorphs.

    Or, as Pogo used to say, "we have met the enemy and he is us".

    Translation; The whole Alien business is All Our Fault for not being the passive, self-sacrificing beings the Engineers wanted us to be. So the fact that the Xenomorphs find us both useful and tasty is merely poetic justice.


    Dear Engineers,

    Point 1;

    If you seed a species on a planet that develops a highly competitive environment, and said species survives by becoming the most efficient competitor in said environment, you are in no position to complain about its lack of passivity. You just did a lousy job of choosing biospheres to start with, boyos.

    Point 2. Exalting a willingness to die rather than to defend oneself or one's species is a moral position that might make you feel good about yourself, but is of little utility in ensuring the survival of your species. If you try to seed the entire Galaxy with species with this mindset in the belief that you are creating a set of "perfect, enlightened" cultures, you're just fooling yourselves; they probably won't survive long enough to even create cultures. Your entire philosophy is, therefore, an Epic Fail, and everything you've done to further your project was a waste of time, energy, and resources.

    Next time, try squaring the circle. You probably will be no more successful, but the infrastructure needed (paper, pencil, and a straightedge) is a lot cheaper. And I suspect will keep you occupied at least as long.


    Temporal Observer 2783096