Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Inside Irwin Allen's The Time Tunnel


  1. The set design REALLY has a 'Forbidden Planet' feel.

    When I saw the ABC ads for their shows in general and this show in particular, they showed quick edits of the time reactor and what I can only call 'Surfer Music'.

    You wouldn't have THAT would you?

    1. ALSO...

      The phoney looking computers outside the time tunnel are actually retired SAGE systems that were used to track and identify (and if nessessary destroy) aircraft.
      State of the art in the 1950s, scrap by the mid 1960s.
      There's a YouTube of it, and a video at archive dot com.

  2. Today (but not back then) I know enough about geology to know that based on depth, length, etc., Operation TicToc had to be built inside a limestone karst. There are plenty of them available in the American southwest, which was where it was supposed to be.

    The amazing thing is that, in the whole series, not even one bad guy who managed to get inside the complex met his end by taking a high dive from the Tunnel control platform right to the bottom level. Which would definitely leave a mark.



    1. I remember a pirate got in in one episode.
      He looked down from a catwalk to the reactor.

      I think he didn't like being there.