Monday, 4 April 2011

Green Lantern

I must confess that I've been a big Green Lantern fan since the Gardner Fox days and have been champing at the bit to see if the cinematic version of Hal Jordan (the most misused character in the history of fantasy) will get a decent turn.  If this is anything to go by, I'm hopeful.

According to my daughter's kinetic reaction, it has the eight-year old vote at least.


  1. Compare to the fan made version:

  2. Ohh yeah.

    It has this 53-year-old's vote, too.

    I noticed that it shows Jordan running toward the crashed transport, on sheer instinct. A good illustration of the fact that one attribute of a Green Lantern is not knowing real fear, or rather not letting it govern his or her actions. The writers obviously did their homework.